MFW Voyage of Discovery and Common Core

We recieved our curriculum from My Father’s World earlier this past week and I thought I had had critiqued everything in it to be sure we avoided the Common Core products.However the Lauri by Patch Products I’m not sure if it’s Common Core or not.Also School Zone Flash Cards is Common Core.I will more likely sell it if I am in doubt just because I don’t want my daughter to be introduced to anything Common Core.Also the Usborne 1000 things to spot I thought it would be the version before Common Core was introduced but upon closer inspection it was in 2010 which is obviously during the Common Core period so what will likely happen is I won’t use those products mentioned, sell it and use the rest of the curriculum as is.I am posting this in case it helps another mom to remember stand by your convictions and if everything needs to be critiqued right down to looking critically several times do it and sell whatever you see fit.Now,for me that means almost no Common Core affiliation.I prefer free of Common Core and if it very slightly aligned with Common Core that’s ok as long as the content is not changed to abide by Common Core.Shows you just can’t trust any company as I’ve learned..A company will try to sneak in Common Core when I least expect it.


My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train update

My dear daughter is almost half way through the All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s preschool curriculum from My Father’s World. While I am on the fence of continuing because they have some curriculum associated with common core companies…I do appreciate that MFW themselves are not common core. The Scholastic company is obviously Common Core but we already have a bunch of Scholastic books we’ve been using before we knew that it was Common Core.I don’t mind continuing with them not until I find something that does not sit well with me being CC aligned.I doubt we will use it beyond 3rd or 4th grade at the latest.I like the ABC,Phonics and Word Tales ,Sight Word tales, and Math tales.

I have been thinking and reviewing MFW forum, the MFW website, browsing their curriculum at least until 1st grade, looking at the books that they recommend and so far up until 1st grade is good except the math which is a Singapore Common Core version.It would be the only thing I’d need to sell and purchase separately. As long as I can find a Common Core version to purchase separately we will continue to buy the packages and sell those that are published before 2009 with outside publishers.We will be ordering it soon so when she finishes All Aboard The Animal Train we can start it right away.