Language Arts

So,I have some final decisions for Vicki’s language arts. I am trying to keep it as close as I can with no common core and it being a Christ centered as possible.For language arts we are going to be using Queen’s Homeschool Language Lessons For Little Ones and probably for the foreseeable future unless something changes and the other onte is still up in the air but still considering Language Arts through Literature which isn’t as Christ centered as I’d like.For copywork we will be using English Lessons Through Literature Italic(Both Print and Cursive),Language Arts through Literature(Italic).I like Kathy De Vos mostly for the copywork, CM approach and the literature stories behind the subjects + the italic model of handwriting. I am finding that Vicki is really learning well with lots of hands on and through reading literature not to mention we love reading so more reading is a bonus! The Queen’s Homeschool Language Lessons For Little Ones I almost didn’t even consider it. I mean,I considered it because of the CM approach and the short lessons but to be honest some of the reviews for the language lessons for little ones was a bit on the negative side that “it tends to jump around” and the samples on the website wasn’t enough for me but a lot of people have raved so well like any homeschool mom will say you hear the bad and the good…So,upon hearing/reading good reviews and the importance of keeping it Christ centered/biblical if you will,I decided to try look online to see if I could take a look at it by purchasing it used. Well, I just got it and let me tell you,I can understand why some parents feel like it jumps all over the place but as I looked through the books,I can see why its’ written like that.For an ex,’c’ and ‘k’ make a similar sound so it’s grouped together.Or you might see words that begin with the letter t and need to look for words with at and identify t.The lessons are really short literally like 5-10 minutes so it doesn’t take long to do at all.


ABCJLM 3 year curriculum

Vicki is almost finished with the ABCJesusLovesMe 2 year curriculum and we are getting ready to purchase the 3 year curriculum both teacher’s manual and workbook.We will continue to primarily use it to supplement My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s.What we won’t use in the 3 year curriculum ABCJLM is the handwriting curriculum.I will probably be teaching her the italic way of handwriting with theĀ Getty-Dubay. Looking forward to start it this summer with V!Once we’re finished with ABCJLM I’ll post a review of what she’s learned from the 1 and 2 year curriculums.My Father’s World All Aboard the Animal Train 2s and 3s we’re finishing up the 2nd unit and starting the 3rd unit this week. All About Reading Pre Reading we have honestly not done much because she already knows the letters and the sounds it makes so it doesn’t make sense to just do that aside fromĀ reading, tracing letters and numbers.Mostly we’ve been reading the books with the pre reading curriculum and look forward to the first level of the program.Not sure when we will start it.Probably once she has the rhyming down is when I’ll order the 1st level of reading.She does meet the criteria for the first reading level though.My goal is not to push her though it’s for mastery of concept/skills