Another reason I’m glad I chose to homeschool

Just another reason to add to my list of why I chose to homeschool my daughter. I realize I’ve not reached the formal homeschool years but I’ve been “homeschooling” her since birth.Interestingly recently she was flipping through  her ABCJesusLovesMe coloring pages, pointed to Jesus and said “Jesus,Jesus..Mommy.Jesus” My daughter’s neurologist recently said she wanted to try decrease her Keppra so that she is on just 2 medications instead of 3.I agree with that…The less medications she’s on the less side effects we see.There is no doubt in my mind that the very recent increase of her Trileptal in the past month has caused her to “rage” so I added B-Complex 50mg and she’s calmed down plenty BUT had I sent her to a “preschool” as most parents today still do I DOUBT I would’ve been able to catch that as quick.I could see a difference in her behavior in just a matter of days after eliminating other possible reasons I eventually pinned it down to the increase of Trileptal.So far inspite of increasing her Trileptal only at night and decreasing the Keppra in the morning she’s been doing great.

One of the best part of homeschooling is going through every life situation my daughter goes through whether it’s good or bad I get to walk through it with her.

Interestingly I was talking to my mom about my daughter’s medicine and the side effects and she told me when I was a teen that I was much worse than my daughter is now which is true-but that at times they felt like giving up on me….followed by I am glad we didn’t…The sad thing is she actually had the nerve to tell me that.I could never say that to my daughter let alone think it because truthfully God gave me the biggest blessing of being a mom so all I will say is and I’ve already told her “I will always fight for you and I will never ever give up on you.I will only give you the best that I can.”My daughter and I have no secrets.She knows almost everything that goes on in my life and her life.She is my best friend.Do other parents actually say this to their kids??


Why I haven’t posted in awhile

The reason I haven’t posted to the blog in awhile is as of this past January my dearest daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy. It’s been a real struggle for both of us.She’s had at least 3 EEGs,1 MRI,3 hospitalizations since the 2nd,allergy reaction to Depakene,had an echocardiogram done to see why she stops breathing while having severe grand mal seizures, been seen by 3  different neurologists and currently stable on 3 different medications.It is sad and a little heartbreaking to know she has to suffer from seizures but I knew long before becoming a mom there was a chance.I still don’t regret choosing life for  her because even with seizures and oxygen when she stops breathing for the severe seizures I know I won’t ever hold her back in life.I myself suffer from seizures and unlike the way I parent my daughter my parents parented differently.