Why in the world is school considered normal?

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Paige Hudson Elemental Science Podcasts

Paige Hudson Elemental Science Homeschool Podcast

Very helpful information on how to teach Science with living books and note booking.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year!! We have enjoyed our holidays with family even getting A to take picture with Santa. I have a few books about Santa but not a lot. Most are about Jesus’ birth.

We are currently on unit 2 of HOD LHTH and on week 5 of MFW VOD. Surprisingly she’s catching on really fast. Recently she has started to read a book and while that’s only happened once it’s really encouraging! I have a feeling she’ll be reading before 5 possibly.

Whike there’s been a lot of talk about snow I thought we’d do a fun snow activity,Fake Snow

I think she’ll enjoy it!

Language Arts

So,I have some final decisions for Vicki’s language arts. I am trying to keep it as close as I can with no common core and it being a Christ centered as possible.For language arts we are going to be using Queen’s Homeschool Language Lessons For Little Ones and probably for the foreseeable future unless something changes and the other onte is still up in the air but still considering Language Arts through Literature which isn’t as Christ centered as I’d like.For copywork we will be using English Lessons Through Literature Italic(Both Print and Cursive),Language Arts through Literature(Italic).I like Kathy De Vos mostly for the copywork, CM approach and the literature stories behind the subjects + the italic model of handwriting. I am finding that Vicki is really learning well with lots of hands on and through reading literature not to mention we love reading so more reading is a bonus! The Queen’s Homeschool Language Lessons For Little Ones I almost didn’t even consider it. I mean,I considered it because of the CM approach and the short lessons but to be honest some of the reviews for the language lessons for little ones was a bit on the negative side that “it tends to jump around” and the samples on the website wasn’t enough for me but a lot of people have raved so well like any homeschool mom will say you hear the bad and the good…So,upon hearing/reading good reviews and the importance of keeping it Christ centered/biblical if you will,I decided to try look online to see if I could take a look at it by purchasing it used. Well, I just got it and let me tell you,I can understand why some parents feel like it jumps all over the place but as I looked through the books,I can see why its’ written like that.For an ex,’c’ and ‘k’ make a similar sound so it’s grouped together.Or you might see words that begin with the letter t and need to look for words with at and identify t.The lessons are really short literally like 5-10 minutes so it doesn’t take long to do at all.

Turkey Feathers Number Matching 1-20

Recently Vicki has really been into cutting and pasting so to celebrate Thanksgiving we are going to do Thanksgiving Matching 1-20 fun cut and paste activity from Totschooling.net
In LOF she is learning numbers up to 20 and we’ve not done a lot of numbers ranging from 1-20 so this should be fun for her.

Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven

This past week Vicki started Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven and My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery. It is going very well so far though we have been using HOD LHTH as the primary core we’re doing almost everything in HOD and about 60% of what’s in MFW Voyage of Discovery.

I really like the way HOD is set up. With HOD it is super easy to teach but unfortunately I think if I were to start it last year with Vicki it would’ve been a bit premature for her as developmentally even for hand games/puppets would ‘scare’ her so in that sense MFW All Aboard The Animal Train was a good choice. It did teach her a lot. I loved that the All Aboard The Animal Train curriculum was in units. In fact, I will admit it is the primary reason we went with it along with the Charlotte Mason Philosophy. But now that I look back and though in HOD Little Hands to Heaven we are just on day 2 of Unit 1 I can say with confidence that she IS retaining way more information from the way HOD is laid out than she ever did with MFW.How can I tell? We’ve done a number of activities since starting HOD and already she can tell me on her own that God created Ba(her blanket),God created me(herself),God created sippy cup,God created Peppers(pepperoni),God created Mom,Grandma and Grandpa…That is not something she did as quickly with MFW.The fact she is retaining information so well already makes me encouraged HOD might be the one to stick with. One thing I’ve seen consistently at least on the website and I expect that through Preschool up to High School will be Charlotte Mason friendly and Unit Study friendly. I am pretty confident that whatever is in the curriculum will work though I will likely edit out a few subjects/books.One thing I saw on Cathy Duffy’s review on MFW after the 2nd grade is that it is not “tightly knitted” into Unit Studies. However even before that I can see it’s not “unit study” friendly as I thought it was. The only one I can say with certainty is Charlotte Mason friendly and Unit Study friendly is MFW All Aboard The Animal Train.IF we do continue with MFW after Voyage of Discovery it will only be up to 2nd grade as I originally intended to do.Something kind of told me to not continue after that so I think that’s probably what we will end up doing.

List of materials and books to go with Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven and My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery

Materials we’ve ordered:
Crayola white chalk and colored chalk
Royal green color coding labels value assorted colors 5 colors 420 stickers
Educational insight play foam combo 8 pack (it is common core related but I prefer toys over books as it’s more difficult to find non common core toys than books)
Crayola construction paper 240 sheets
Carson dellosa insect stickers(common core brand however these stickers were published prior to 2009)
Elmer glue
Crayola tempera paint 6 pack
Elmer glue sticks
Huluwa markers non toxic for toddlers 24 colors
Edukid toys tabletop magnetic easel and whiteboard
Crayola washable finger paint 6 count
Original stationary extra fine and glitter assorted and color kit (24 colors)
FMM lowercase funky alphabet cutter set
Lovestown wood log sticks
Alex jr 6 tots finger paints
McCormick colors for nature
Learning resources play money
Creativity streets dough cutters capital letters
American cards 5X7 cardstock
Happy sales giant muffin cups 96 pack
Plastic Easter eggs 24 pack hinged 6 assorted colors
Bluementhal Lansing company favorite findings 4 oz big bag of buttons multicolored
Melissa and Doug jumbo multicolored construction paper pad 12X18 with 48 sheets
Caron simply soft solids yarn gold colored 6 oz solid gold
Caron simply soft solids yarn super yellow colored 6 oz
School zone number 0-25
Amazon basics heavy weight ruled 3X5 index cards
Royal green kids colored round dots stickers 15 colors 16 sheets
Melissa and Doug triangular colored chalk
Ielek silicone muffin cups 28 pack(rectangle,heart and circle)
Kidsthrill us play money one sided 30 bills of $1,$5,$10,$20,$50,$100
Acerich ice cream sticks 200 count
World map
Melissa and Doug paint set
Triangular paint brushes
I’ve also ordered many other supplements like sponge letters,Lauri by Patch and lots more so she will always be learning and never a dull moment

Who Sank The Boat? by Pamela Allen(guessing and animals)/Picture Puffin(Umbrella under Penguin),1996
Racoon On His Own by Jim Aronosky (Raccoon,Picture Puffin(Umbrella under Penguin),2003
Sail Away by Donald Crews(Boats,Weather and Ocean),Greenwillow books,2000
The Puddle by David McPhail,Farar Straus Groux(Umbrella under Macmillan/McGraw Hill),2000
Busy Boats by Tony Mitton(Introduced to the Tony Mitton books from MFW All Aboard The Animal Train about trains. It has so much information on trains so I’m sure Busy Boats will be similar in theme!),Kingfisher(Umbrella under Macmillan and McGraw Hill)2005
Boats by Anne Rockwell (Simple sentence structure),Picture Puffin(Umbrella under Penguin),1993
(Row Row Your Boat by Iza Trapini-another excellent song book by Iza and we will likely order it in the near future.We love her books as well especially for rhyming!),Charlesbridge,2002
**Somewhere In The Ocean by Jennifer Ward (Counting,mother and child dsecriptive words and ocean life),Cooper Square Publishing
Why Are You Fighting Davy? by Brigitte Weninger (Character,resolving conflicts),North South,1999
The Deep Blue Sea by Audrey Wood (Learning the colors and more about the sea)The Blue Sky Press(Umbrella under Scholastic),2005
ABC I Like Me by Nancy Carlson(Character,self esteem, ABCs),Puffin Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1999
Click Click Quackity Quack by Doreen Cronin,Anthemum Books for Young Readers(Umbrella under Simon and Schuster),2005
The Bouncing Dancing Galloping ABC by Charlotte Doyle (ABCs),Penguin Publishing(Umbrella under Random House),2006
Eating The Alphabet by Lisa Ehlert(ABCs)HMH Books For Young Readers(Umbrella under Houghton MIffilin),1996
The Letters are Lost by Lisa Campbell Ernst,Puffin Books (Under Penguin,1999
Kippers A to Z by Mick Inkpen(Lots of learning ABCs),HMH Books For Young Readers(Umbrella under Houghton Mifflin)2005
Miss Spiders ABC by David Kirk(Insects and ABCs),Scholastic,1998
A Paddling Of Ducks by Marjorie Parker(Descriptions of groups),Kids Can Press(Umbrella under Hatchette),2010
I knew Two Who Said Moo by Judy Barrett(Lots of similar words),Anthemum Books For Young Readers(Umbrella under Simon and Schuster),2003
One More Twenty Mice by Claire Beaton (Counting to 20)Barefoot Books,2000
Count on Clifford by Normal Birdwell (Counting and finding objects),Cartwheel Books(Umbrella under Scholastic),1987
Lets Count It Out Jesse Bear by Nancy Carls (Poem),Simon and Schuster,1996
Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert (Colors),Harper Festival(Umbrella under Harper Collins),1997
How Many Snails? by Paul Giganti Jr.(Observation),Greenwillow books(Umbrella under Harper Collins),1994
Shapes by Tara Hoban (Shapes and finding shapes),Aladdin Books(Umbrella under Simon and Schuster),1987
10 Hungry Rabbits by Anita Lobel(Counting to 10 and colors),Knopff(Umbrella under Penguin),1997
I Spy Shapes in Art by Lucy Mickelethwalt(Finding shapes),Greenwillow Books(Umbrella under Harper Collins),2004
The Ocean Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta (Ocean facts and ABC.I love his books especially regarding all the different topics he covers and has facts and teaches the ABC!Very informative series of books.I highly recommend these books by Jerry Pallotta!),Charlesbridge,1989
The Icky Bug Counting Book by Jerry Pallotta (Counting and science facts),Charlesbridge,1991
Just A Little Bit by Ann Tompart(Math Weight),HMH Books for Young Readers(Umbrella underHoughton Mifflin),1996
Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans (France),Puffin Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1998(original 1959)
Paddington by Michael Bond (Peru),Harper Collins,1998/2007
The Very Busy Spider by Eric Carle(Another favorite author I grew up and he continues to make good books for today’s generation. Animals and lift the flap),Philomol Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1995
The Crayons That Talked by Shane DeRolf,Random House For Young Readers,1997
Play With Me by Marie Ets (Character Patience),Puffin Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1976
In The Small Small Pond by Denise Fleming (Rhyming,Animals),Henry Holt(Umbrella under Holt Co),1998
Whoever You Are by Mem Fox (Differences),HMH Books For Young Readers(Umbrella under Houghton Mifflin),2006
The Little Red Hen by Paul Galdore(Classic story),HMH Books For Young Readers,1985
Is Your Mama A Llama by Deborah Guarino (Rhyming and behavior),Scholastic,1997
The Oxcart Man by Donald Hall (10th century life)Puffin Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1983
Biggest Strongest and Fastest by Steve Jenkins,HMH Books For Young Readers(Umbrella under Houghton Mifflin),1997
Miss Fannie’s Hat by Jan Karon(Character),Puffin Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1976
I’ll Always Love You by Paeony Lewis(Unconditional love),Tiger Tales,2013
Put Me In The Zoo by Robert Loopshire (Rhyming),Random House For Young Readers,1960
All The Places To Love by Patricia Machlelan,Harper Collins,1994
Who Took The Farmer’s Hat? by Joan Nodset (Rhyming),Harper Collins,1998
Spring Song by Barbara Seoling (Season),Gulliver Books(Umbrella under Harcourt),2001
It Looked Like Split Milk by Charles Shaw(Shapes),Harper Collins,1998
The Giving Tree by Sheil Silverstein(Giving/Character),Harper Row(Umbrella under Harper Collins),1969
Joseph Had A Little Overcoat by Simms Tapback (Big to small),Viking Books(Umbrella under Penguin),1999