Update on My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery

So yes, it is still in the plans to use My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery as part of Vicki’s upcoming year of preschool. I’ve looked through both curriculums and the final verdict is Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven is the primary one and My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery is going to follow it/supplement it.Basically as needed we will also do a combination of lapbooking/notebooking where appropiate with lots and lots of multi learning styles.When I went through the two curriculums I went through each Unit in Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven and each week in My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery to line up the unit/day with week/day with the right scripture telling the story of the bible pretty much from Genesis to Revelation.Each page of Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven has notes on it as to which My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery week/day will go with that particular unit/day in Heart of Dakota Little Hands to Heaven.So I am super excited to do this with her.

In the My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery there were the Lauri Products by Patch Products that I questioned and they do not have Common Core affiliations whatsoever.I should also add that recently I have went through every book we have for Vicki in the house and looked up every single title,publisher including Umbrella names and when it was published.Today every single book she reads at home is 100% Common Core Free.The Usborne Big Book of Things to Spot which came with the curriculum is Common Core BUT I have purchased the 2003 version of the book which is Common Core free.Only other Common Core product is School Zone ABC flash cards.I suppose at times there will be certain times when I can’t find Common Core free toys/games/supplements to meet what I’m looking and at those times I will use Common Core products but only toys/games/supplements Absolutely no books.


Skip Counting by 2’s

Earlier tonight Vicki randomly counted by 2’s with a little prompting up to 12. I am amazed at what this girl learns from reading Life of Fred.We are not reading them in any specific order yet she is obviously retaining quite a bit at only 3.What I also like about LOF is things inside of the book can also be used as unit studies/lapbooking/notebooking.I’ve seen several homeschool parents do this and at some point we probably will as well.

Orange Scented Play Dough

Orange Scented Natural Play Dough
Today V and I made Orange Scented Play Dough.We didn’t use orange zest or food dye. We did use 1 whole orange and squeeze it for the juice and smell.It actually came out pretty good and we mixed it for like 30-40 minutes. Could have stirred it longer but it came out smelling like Orange scented play dough.The recipe was used as part of My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train for 2s and 3s week 26,Tiger and Orange.However she wanted to eat the play dough so next we are going to try make edible play dough.

Vicki recites her bible verse word for word

What a surprise! Today during preschool time we were cutting out a paper dog and I told Vic we’re going to write your bible verse… before I could say a word to start saying her bible verse this girl goes …”Proverbs 17:17 A friend is always a friend “. She got it exactly right! Word for word! It blew me away because she’s never ever recited a bible verse that accurate

MFW Voyage of Discovery and Common Core

We recieved our curriculum from My Father’s World earlier this past week and I thought I had had critiqued everything in it to be sure we avoided the Common Core products.However the Lauri by Patch Products I’m not sure if it’s Common Core or not.Also School Zone Flash Cards is Common Core.I will more likely sell it if I am in doubt just because I don’t want my daughter to be introduced to anything Common Core.Also the Usborne 1000 things to spot I thought it would be the version before Common Core was introduced but upon closer inspection it was in 2010 which is obviously during the Common Core period so what will likely happen is I won’t use those products mentioned, sell it and use the rest of the curriculum as is.I am posting this in case it helps another mom to remember stand by your convictions and if everything needs to be critiqued right down to looking critically several times do it and sell whatever you see fit.Now,for me that means almost no Common Core affiliation.I prefer free of Common Core and if it very slightly aligned with Common Core that’s ok as long as the content is not changed to abide by Common Core.Shows you just can’t trust any company as I’ve learned..A company will try to sneak in Common Core when I least expect it.

It came, it came:My Father’s World Voyage of Discovery

It came, it came! The package that was long awaited for has arrived! Only a homeschool mom could understand the level of the excitement here!The curriculum looks really good.We have the 2016 version which is the newest version.To be honest, both of the preschool curriculums looks really great(MFW Voyage of Discovery and HOD Little Hands to Heaven) I am not sure which will be the main curriculum we will use.I did notice though that Voyage of Discovery is a bit behind in ABC’s and numbers which Vicki already knows. HOD Little Hands to Heaven actually covers that from day 1 of the first week(Letters and numbers) which is partly why I bought it. In the end though I am going to let Vicki pick which will be her main curriculum simply following her lead in her interest level.I got the 2 because they were and are about her level.Depending on her speed and how well she progresses perhaps Heart of Dakota will meet her needs better. But it’s hard to say since we’ve yet to begin the curriculum.For now, I am going through the two curriculum side by side to get an idea of what we might need to purchase to do the curriculums.Moreoften than not we don’t have majority of the items for either curriculum.Same for books.

Vicki was so excited the curriculum came(MFW Voyage of discovery) came she chose to pose for pictures with each item from the package.She really wants to start the curriculum but I told her it needs to stay in the box until we finish up the current one. When we are ready we will take it out of the box. I promise!

We have 2 more curriculums to buy(All About Reading Level 1 and Learning to read through literature Blue Book). I plan to do whatever she’s interested in and wanting to learn and whatever she wants to and is willing to learn is fine by me.We will have curriculum choices for whatever she chooses. Reading?No problem..We have tons of books…Arts and Crafts? No problem…Got that covered…Playful? Okie dokie we’ve got a lot of curriculum ideas for that too. Pegs? Got that too..Anyways she’s got 2-3 years before she officially starts school.Though we will send homeschool notice in 2019….I’m already documenting her progress and have been for some time already.She is already for All About Spelling Level 1 but she’s not writing yet which is why I chose Learning to read through Literature as the Blue Book has nothing to do with writing.I suspect by K she will be writing.

I love homeschooling V! She’s learned so much since we started almost 2 years ago.She’s even starting to recite some poems and rhymes. So fun to watch!