2019-2020 School Year(Tentative)

It is kind of premature to think about what we will use next year for P4(last year of preschool) but providing V continues at her current pace I think Heart of Dakota Little Hearts For His Glory will be too difficult for her.She is just learning her numbers up to 10 and HOD LHFHG goes up to 100. Winter Promise(WP) has a curriculum CM friendly and Unit Study friendly(not as much as HOD but close enough for me) and has a PreK/K curriculum that will teach and build upon her current skills/concepts.I think after that curriculum she will be more than ready for HOD LHFHG.

Phonics and Spelling will be  continuing All About Reading Level 1 and All About Spelling Level 1 unless things change.

Math:Continue Life of Fred Elementary Series  and Eden Series

Reading:Continuing to read books ie rhyming books, short stories etc.

Note on My Father’s World:It was clarified by a former teacher and current homeschool mom that MFW is only Unit Study friendly up to 2nd grade and thereafter it becomes textbookish. That was the vibe I was getting after looking at ECC.They also have a FB pageMFW Official FB Page.

I love to plan ahead and look at different curricula but of course our homeschool is mastery based so I will modify my choices for curricula depending where she is skill wise.I will never push her more than she can handle.Anyone else have an idea what they will be doing for curriculum next year?For a lot of homeschoolers they’re just about done with the year until Fall I believe.Us,we go year around so that doesn’t apply to us,


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