Is your child learning?

The Big Pit
I love this article by Marie Ripeel. It discusses how as home educators should look backwards instead of comparing our kids to others. I know easier said than done but aside from education more often than not, we compare even siblings. The difficult thing to remember is that all of our kids are unique in their own way and have their own weaknesses and strengths. Just another reason I choose to do mastery based learning approach. Another way you can tell if your kid is learning is just through narration. Talk to them and ask them questions. For an ex: Recently I asked my daughter “What sound does the cow make?” V”Moo,Mom”. Me:Right! V! What does the cow make? V”Cow makes milk,Mom!”. Me:That’s right again V! Cow produces milk for us to drink. Where do cows’ live? V:”Milk?” Me:Yes,they make milk. They live on a farm.”


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