All About Reading and All About Spelling Level 1

A few weeks ago I ordered and received All About Reading and All About Spelling Level 1. I also ordered and received learning language arts through literature blue book.

When I ordered All About Reading and All About Spelling Level 1 I wasn’t sure how she’d take to it. We used the All About Reading pre Reading last year very lightly. Mostly we used the rhyming cards and some of their worksheets. I also kept the books. The level 1 of both programs look great and simple to use. I’ve also heard that using both intertwined is also good. Actually I think that’s what we’ll end up doing. I looked over LLATL but it’s not as easy to supplement with All About Reading and All About Spelling so unless somehow she doesn’t retain much we’re not going to try another approach. We also have Queens homeschooling language arts for little ones but there still lots of writing which she’s just getting some writing exposure so it’s a while before we can try it aside from other parts of it.

Today I actually tried one page of All About Reading Level 1 with her. She had no interest in cutting which I’m slowly working on with her but she did great with sounding out the words Pam,Sam,sap and map. She identified which one is Pam (girl),sam(boy),sap on a tree and a picture of a map and gluing it.

We’re also still using Life of Fred Elementary series and the beginning readers as well as heart of Dakota little hands to heaven and my fathers world voyage of discovery which I think will likely be our last year with them. Partly because every time we order from my fathers world the curriculum doesn’t come looking new. The other thus far she’s not retained anything I’ve used with my fathers world like she does with heart of Dakota.

On heart of Dakota we are on unit 4 finishing up. Already she can recite one verse of the poems for A-D,recognizes all letters uppercase,lowercase and all the sounds. However we’ve been singing the ABC song since she’s been brushing her teeth at about 9 months actual age.


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