Did she start preschool yet?

So today my daughter and I went to one of our many cousin’s bridal shower.It was nice.Lots of family we don’t get to see often so when we get together it’s nice to catch up. Well,of course, as any mom will understand when there’s get togethers the question that as always come up is “Did she start preschool yet?” My answer:”No,not yet. She’s going to be homeschooled.We do preschool at home” So,I told V as an example of what she knows already ,what is 2+5…V responds “equals 7”,5+2…V responds “equals 7” 0+7…V responds “equals 7”. You should’ve seen the relatives eyes..It was as if to say “Wow,that’s amazing.And she’s only turning 3” I explained right now we’re doing curriculums with 2 years and 3 year focuses. Sometimes we do it in the morning, afternoon,before bed just whenever we can “squeeze it in” and before bed we read Fred and King. They asked what’s that? I told them it’s a book(e book asked one family member and I responded No,it’s a regular book), a regular book in story form that has math and other topics like science, history all of that in it..She loves it..She’s always bringing it all over the house with her. I asked her “V,what’s your favorite book?” V’s response “Kingyo”(Kingie)

It’s amazing she knows this already because from what I understand here in Hawaii anyways the child is expected to know all his/her ABC’s,how to read, write, and know their numbers and even basic algebra all in Kindergarten! I’m like “really, wow!” That’s a lot of pressure on parents today. Also heard one mom say that her daughter who can’t be more than 7 already has a boyfriend. Me,I am thinking 7 and a boyfriend that’s just way too young and this is why I homeschool to “rid” her of all these temptations. Just another reason to add to my list.

On another note from tomorrow I will be taking my beautiful daughter who already has an amazing life story/testimony to church to really get to know God and who He is. This is a big area for our homeschool is to really get to know God spiritually and instill it in her while she’s young.This is something I don’t recall having in my childhood and I think if I knew God when I was my daughter’s age and had that upbringing I might have made different choices in how I walked my life so based on my upbringing I chose different of course.

We will also be involved in the church homeschool ministry so she will have more socialization.As some knows I’ve blogged about developmentally my daughter is not able to do dance lessons and I am still going to look into creative movement and creative dance to see if we can do a trial class. If we can that would be great because we’d need to see if she will 1)separate from me,2)Give me her paci/cracker bag 3) join the class. If we can’t do a trial class or if we can do a trial class and she won’t do any of the three then we won’t be able to do creative movement, creative dance and pre jazz or pre ballet classes for awhile. All that to say if we had a gym in town closer to us I’d sign her up in a heartbeat so she’d have exercise and socialization but there are none in town. I also can’t sign her up for church sunday school because while she’s days from turning 3 she is not potty trained and to attend sunday school she needs to be potty trained so that’s another off the list for awhile. What’s left? Homeschool ministry provided by our church for socialization. See,just today she actually interacted and played with one girl who was about Kindergarten age.She showed V how to play with something and V copies.The two played nicely. I was there right next to her so since she is just starting to interact with other kids I don’t want to push her to “be on her own” without me being there until I Know she’s comfortable doing so on her own. But,I believe the more we go to these homeschool outings/events for socialization I suspect by the time she’s 4 she may be ready to “play without mom there” and just overseeing her to be sure she’s behaving nicely.

She’s doing great though. No complaints from this Momma! She’s a joy to have and I am thankful I was chosen to be her Mommy!


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