Look what’s coming out in September!!

Hey homeschool moms! Looking for a great creator based science curriculum for your kids? Well,Expereince Astronomy is coming out with an elementary series for kids in 1st-6th! I gave Luke the idea for it! I found out about Experience Astronomy through a homeschool newsletter. I decided to look around the site just to see if it’s creator based and what it’s about. Looked great so I viewed the high school lessons. At that time there was only High School. So,I told Luke you know my daughter loves the stars and the moon but she’s too young for the series. She’s 2(at the time) but I bet you’d get a lot of great feedback and support from homeschooling mom for a younger population of students.I see he took that and decided to make a elementary series! I just found out about it through one of the homeschool groups I am in so I am excited to try this for Vicki either in K or 1st.And that is coming up in a few years.


My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train update

My dear daughter is almost half way through the All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s preschool curriculum from My Father’s World. While I am on the fence of continuing because they have some curriculum associated with common core companies…I do appreciate that MFW themselves are not common core. The Scholastic company is obviously Common Core but we already have a bunch of Scholastic books we’ve been using before we knew that it was Common Core.I don’t mind continuing with them not until I find something that does not sit well with me being CC aligned.I doubt we will use it beyond 3rd or 4th grade at the latest.I like the ABC,Phonics and Word Tales ,Sight Word tales, and Math tales.

I have been thinking and reviewing MFW forum, the MFW website, browsing their curriculum at least until 1st grade, looking at the books that they recommend and so far up until 1st grade is good except the math which is a Singapore Common Core version.It would be the only thing I’d need to sell and purchase separately. As long as I can find a Common Core version to purchase separately we will continue to buy the packages and sell those that are published before 2009 with outside publishers.We will be ordering it soon so when she finishes All Aboard The Animal Train we can start it right away.

The Birthday Present

Today was the day Vicki’s birthday present from Mommy came. For her birthday which was this past week,I bought her the entire Life of Fred Elementary Series and the entire Life of Fred Eden Series for Beginning Readers(The last 2 sets for the Eden Series) because I know at some point we’ll likely go through the entire Elementary Series and the Eden Series. That’s how much she loves Fred and Kingie! Of course,I have fallen in love with Fred and Kingie too so if I don’t use the entire Elementary series for Vicki and somehow it doesn’t work out as the main curriculum even with supplements as needed I will use it and beyond for myself. I’ve already learned so much from Life of Fred and I am the mom not the student!

She loves Fred and Kingie. In her words “I love Fred Books.” Anytime I try to take away Fred and Kingie for misbehavior she straightens up really fast because she wants me to read Fred and Kingie to her. She also has been trying to take the entire Elementary and Eden Series out of her room because she loves every single Life of Fred book.Honestly,the girl can’t make up her mind which Life of Fred book to bring out because there’s so many of them! But,already she has learned so much. Very recently I have gotten her just by reading Life of Fred to her she is now able to kind of start to count to 20! Yes,20 and she’s just turned 3! But Life of Fred they teach so much in the series it’s hard to imagine why a mom could not see how Life of Fred could be used as a homeschool curriculum on its own. In fact, my mom asked me if I was just going to use Life of Fred as a supplement curriculum…I said “No,I plan to use it as the main curriculum and supplement only as needed” I explained “Just by going through the books there’s so much information, knowledge and wisdom in these books about life in general..Why not use it as a core? I start reading the Life of Fred Books and I’m hooked and just dissolve information.”

An example from Life of Fred Eden Series -It talks about how Fred needs electricity to get the stove,and refrigerator to work. But,it also takes on math such as it’s one mile from their house to Harry’s Hardware,it discusses money, how a child should not play with electricity…That’s some of what is talked about in one of the books.

But yes, so much valuable information is in these books and we’ll probably use the entire Life of Fred curriculum including Language Arts,Financial and so on up until college material.I have heard lots of moms who have used Life of Fred as their main core who supplement as needed and their children have scored really high on SAT,ACT and CLEP exams/tests. I hope for the same and that we will be able to continue that long but ultimately unless Vicki says she doesn’t want to read Life of Fred anymore for whatever reason we’ll keep on. It also discusses many life topics such as choosing a spouse, teaching some about character things like that. I love it! I have no intention in selling Life of Fred in the next 20 years.This being with my daughter likely to be my only living child on Earth.

Did she start preschool yet?

So today my daughter and I went to one of our many cousin’s bridal shower.It was nice.Lots of family we don’t get to see often so when we get together it’s nice to catch up. Well,of course, as any mom will understand when there’s get togethers the question that as always come up is “Did she start preschool yet?” My answer:”No,not yet. She’s going to be homeschooled.We do preschool at home” So,I told V as an example of what she knows already ,what is 2+5…V responds “equals 7”,5+2…V responds “equals 7” 0+7…V responds “equals 7”. You should’ve seen the relatives eyes..It was as if to say “Wow,that’s amazing.And she’s only turning 3” I explained right now we’re doing curriculums with 2 years and 3 year focuses. Sometimes we do it in the morning, afternoon,before bed just whenever we can “squeeze it in” and before bed we read Fred and King. They asked what’s that? I told them it’s a book(e book asked one family member and I responded No,it’s a regular book), a regular book in story form that has math and other topics like science, history all of that in it..She loves it..She’s always bringing it all over the house with her. I asked her “V,what’s your favorite book?” V’s response “Kingyo”(Kingie)

It’s amazing she knows this already because from what I understand here in Hawaii anyways the child is expected to know all his/her ABC’s,how to read, write, and know their numbers and even basic algebra all in Kindergarten! I’m like “really, wow!” That’s a lot of pressure on parents today. Also heard one mom say that her daughter who can’t be more than 7 already has a boyfriend. Me,I am thinking 7 and a boyfriend that’s just way too young and this is why I homeschool to “rid” her of all these temptations. Just another reason to add to my list.

On another note from tomorrow I will be taking my beautiful daughter who already has an amazing life story/testimony to church to really get to know God and who He is. This is a big area for our homeschool is to really get to know God spiritually and instill it in her while she’s young.This is something I don’t recall having in my childhood and I think if I knew God when I was my daughter’s age and had that upbringing I might have made different choices in how I walked my life so based on my upbringing I chose different of course.

We will also be involved in the church homeschool ministry so she will have more socialization.As some knows I’ve blogged about developmentally my daughter is not able to do dance lessons and I am still going to look into creative movement and creative dance to see if we can do a trial class. If we can that would be great because we’d need to see if she will 1)separate from me,2)Give me her paci/cracker bag 3) join the class. If we can’t do a trial class or if we can do a trial class and she won’t do any of the three then we won’t be able to do creative movement, creative dance and pre jazz or pre ballet classes for awhile. All that to say if we had a gym in town closer to us I’d sign her up in a heartbeat so she’d have exercise and socialization but there are none in town. I also can’t sign her up for church sunday school because while she’s days from turning 3 she is not potty trained and to attend sunday school she needs to be potty trained so that’s another off the list for awhile. What’s left? Homeschool ministry provided by our church for socialization. See,just today she actually interacted and played with one girl who was about Kindergarten age.She showed V how to play with something and V copies.The two played nicely. I was there right next to her so since she is just starting to interact with other kids I don’t want to push her to “be on her own” without me being there until I Know she’s comfortable doing so on her own. But,I believe the more we go to these homeschool outings/events for socialization I suspect by the time she’s 4 she may be ready to “play without mom there” and just overseeing her to be sure she’s behaving nicely.

She’s doing great though. No complaints from this Momma! She’s a joy to have and I am thankful I was chosen to be her Mommy!

Addition Math facts that equal to 7

We have been just zipping through LOF Apples. When we first started my daughter only knew 5+2=7 and 4+3=7.Tonight we read a chapter of LOF Apples and asked her all the math facts that equal 7 including
and to every single one she answered 7 without hesitation. I truly can’t believe how much she comprehends and the girl is only turning 3 years old. I am in complete disbelief.Obviously we’re going to go through the elementary books several times to be sure she understands but from a 3 year old? that’s just amazing.We also read the Eden series before she sleeps. So far her favorite Eden Series book is Blue but she will soon have more to choose from and carry around as I’ve ordered the entire elementary series and Eden series sets 2 and 3 for her birthday.I can’t wait for her reaction since she loves Fred and Kingie so much!

Common Core

I am very against Common Core standards that the former president has put in place for schools to follow and this is one of the reasons I homeschool my daughter.Recently,I have received a homeschool catalog from CBD. I personally believe that every child should learn at his or her own pace not by standards set by the Board of Education. Just recently well looking at the Homeschool Resource Roadmap
I have found that MFW(My Father’s World) and by going through each grade level on their website as well that they use some CC(Common Core books) by Usborne to name one. I didn’t know this so as long as the curriculum for whatever grade level my daughter will be in at that time does not contain any common core books of any sort we will stick with them. If I see a common core book I’ll likely look for another curriculum unless I can find a relatively to practically no common core related content alternative to replace that specific common core book/subject. I am going through the entire roadmap and all my curriculum choices I have to date because I want my daughter to be free of common core curriculum as much as possible.I truly hope Common Core will be overturned in the near future. I don’t think it’s doing anyone any good at all.

Do you allow your kids to do common core curriculum and readings?I’d love to hear other homeschool parents’ thoughts on the matter!