“Mom,I want to learn how to dance!”

Here’s how Vicki told me she wants to learn how to dance in her own words: “Wantto learn to dance like that on tv.” “Dancing tv”

A few days ago she was watching “So You Think You Can Dance???” on tv and she said “They’re dancing on the tv” something along those lines. I asked her “Do you want to learn how to dance like that?” Vicki “Yea,Wantto learn to dance like that on tv”

So,as always per my parenting style has always been child led/attachment parenting hence the reason I homeschool is to let her pursue whatever interests and pursue whatever dreams God places on her heart. Even something later like college….It’ll be her choice whether she goes or not. No forcing. I will at least *try* to encourage her to do college classes as part of her high school credits which might lead her to want to go to college but that’ll be up to her. I will support her whether she does or doesn’t.

Now, I am in the realm of looking for a good qualified dance studio that teaches hip hop or jazz from preschool age.I have no idea what I am doing but hey if she wants to learn hip hop or jazz who am I to hold her back….I didn’t have a chance to pursue dance as a career and while I loved dancing when I was younger I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue it as much as I’d like. I’ll just leave it at that.Yes,there are things I’d like Vicki to learn like my ideal would be :Dancing,singing and learning a second language which I will introduce around 5.

I am looking for schools/dance studios with obviously qualified/certified teachers who are professionally trained with credentials that can take her from beginning to a professional should she desire it at some point.


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