Finished ABCJLM 2 year

Yesterday,Vicki finished up the ABCJLM 2 year preschool curriculum. It is amazing how far she has come in knowledge from the first year we started the ABCJLM 1 year curriculum back in January 2015.She went from knowing almost no colors to mastering at least 3 colors, knowing her ABCS(Recognizing as well-not all randomly) and knowing the sounds of it, to tracing, drawing lines, simple math…to name a few.I’ve updated the homeschool album with what she’s done along with the progress.To see what she knows from the 1 year ABCJLM to the 2 year ABCJLM comparison you can go to our HI Homeschool Facebook page.Blogs and posts about homeschooling typically are posted there first.Later it’s uploaded to Flickr.Yesterday was the first day of the ABCJLM 3 year and of course it’s to supplement MFW All Aboard The Animal Train with the several other curriculum we use including All About Reading Pre Reading(Sight word cards and books),and Life of Fred Beginner Readers(Eden Series) and Math series respectively.



“Mom,I want to learn how to dance!”

Here’s how Vicki told me she wants to learn how to dance in her own words: “Wantto learn to dance like that on tv.” “Dancing tv”

A few days ago she was watching “So You Think You Can Dance???” on tv and she said “They’re dancing on the tv” something along those lines. I asked her “Do you want to learn how to dance like that?” Vicki “Yea,Wantto learn to dance like that on tv”

So,as always per my parenting style has always been child led/attachment parenting hence the reason I homeschool is to let her pursue whatever interests and pursue whatever dreams God places on her heart. Even something later like college….It’ll be her choice whether she goes or not. No forcing. I will at least *try* to encourage her to do college classes as part of her high school credits which might lead her to want to go to college but that’ll be up to her. I will support her whether she does or doesn’t.

Now, I am in the realm of looking for a good qualified dance studio that teaches hip hop or jazz from preschool age.I have no idea what I am doing but hey if she wants to learn hip hop or jazz who am I to hold her back….I didn’t have a chance to pursue dance as a career and while I loved dancing when I was younger I didn’t have the opportunity to pursue it as much as I’d like. I’ll just leave it at that.Yes,there are things I’d like Vicki to learn like my ideal would be :Dancing,singing and learning a second language which I will introduce around 5.

I am looking for schools/dance studios with obviously qualified/certified teachers who are professionally trained with credentials that can take her from beginning to a professional should she desire it at some point.

ABCJLM 3 year curriculum

Vicki will be starting it in just a few days and I am very excited to go through another ABCJLM year with her. Of course,it will only be a supplement to MFW All Aboard The Animal Train which we are only on unit 2 but I don’t rush her as long as she’s done some preschool for the day and she almost always does in one way or another I’m happy.She’s starting to really get down the sounds of letters and has almost all the sounds memorized. Yes,she can say 95% of the sounds a-z when prompted already. I’ve been working on this with her fairly lightly for about a year.This isn’t something we do everyday so I’m pleasantly surprised how much she’s picked up on sounds in less than a month’s timeframe.She’s also starting to trace, cuts very well for almost 3(holds scissors properly and straight, rarely tears),her scribbles are starting to look like letters.

Also starting to figure out some things for when she starts K. I already have the homeschool intent form all typed up already and saved. Just need to mail it to the school.Her p.e. will be dance lessons and I am looking to start it up soon. Either towards the end of 2017 or early 2018.Right now, I am looking into potential dance schools one that could be helpful to her towards a professional career if she desired so qualifications will need to meet high standards and reputation.She actually told me she wants to learn how to dance like the people on “So You Think You can Dance?”.Her words were “Wanna dance like that”

Some people question me if I am going to go ahead and homeschool my daughter for the remainder of her education and I will whether it be I do
it all on my own or have the help of online instruction/video instruction.Regardless of the struggles I will likely face due to my own developmental disabilities she will be homeschooled through 12th because it matches my parenting philosophy of attachment parenting and gentle parenting.I have a lot of reasons I am homeschooling but that’s just one of many. Already I can tell you that she is more advanced than some in a typical preschool setting just because I allow “child led parent led type of education’ I look at what kids her age should be learning and more often than not she’s above average in many areas.

Life of Fred Beginner Readers,Eden Series

This morning Vicki received her Life Of Fred Beginner Readers also known as the Eden Series by Dr. Stanley Schmidt. As soon as it came,Vicki is like “Mom box.Mom box” so we opened it and I showed her that it was more “Fred” books and she was so excited. She said “Mom,Fred,Fred book.”You can see her reaction here:Flickr Homeschooling
She is truly a Fred girl because she brings these books all around the house and is always reading them.