Life of Fred by Dr.Stanley F Schmidt & Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Mansuscript

Have you heard of “Life of Fred” by Dr.Stanley Schmidt? It has recently come to my attention that there is a “Living Book”type of Math Curriculum similar to Math Lessons for a Living Education which is also on my list to try IF Life of Fred doesn’t work. I have others for backup as well.That’s not my only go to choice. Anyway I was so curious to see what the “hype” was about from so many homeschool moms who use it as a main curriculum I just had to buy one and because Vicki loves to read so why not…It’s a book isn’t it?? I just got it in the mail after waiting anxiously for it.I’ve done my research on the author and the curriculum as well. I have to admit I am addicted to it and let me tell you Math is not my best subject!Even I am so into the book I can just figure out the math. Then again it’s only the very beginning.I may just need to order the whole set for myself.Honestly I just might do that!! We also got the Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Manuscript in the mail today. It is what Vicki is going to learn in a few years.I realize the book only has minimal practice space though so we will also do copywork as well.Yes in italic mansuscript and there’s lots to choose from…A mom just has to look but I promise it’s there.

#gettydubayitalicmanuscript  Getty Dubai Italic Manuscript A

One thought on “Life of Fred by Dr.Stanley F Schmidt & Getty Dubay Italic Handwriting Mansuscript

  1. OH, I absolutely love the “Life of Fred” books! However, it may be best to use them as a supplement rather than as a stand alone book. I guess it all depends upon your child’s learning style. I had gotten the Life of Fred Fractions and the Life of Fred Decimals & Percent books to try with my 12 year old (at the time, he’s 14 now) but he was so into the story that he didn’t pay much attention to the actual lesson part. All he wanted to do was read the story. Also, he kept turning to the answers. I guess if I had started him on them when he was younger it would have worked out… I wish you the best of luck with them! I have never heard of the Getty-Dubay handwriting books.


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