Why I haven’t posted in awhile

The reason I haven’t posted to the blog in awhile is as of this past January my dearest daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy. It’s been a real struggle for both of us.She’s had at least 3 EEGs,1 MRI,3 hospitalizations since the 2nd,allergy reaction to Depakene,had an echocardiogram done to see why she stops breathing while having severe grand mal seizures, been seen by 3  different neurologists and currently stable on 3 different medications.It is sad and a little heartbreaking to know she has to suffer from seizures but I knew long before becoming a mom there was a chance.I still don’t regret choosing life for  her because even with seizures and oxygen when she stops breathing for the severe seizures I know I won’t ever hold her back in life.I myself suffer from seizures and unlike the way I parent my daughter my parents parented differently.



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