Not even a month into My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s

Ok,so we’ve finished one unit yet but we’re super close to finishing the very first unit!This is still not a review just an update how well it’s being recieved by V.It’s not even a month since we started the curriculum but wow the results are unbelievable! Why?Well,first I told her the bible verse and had her repeat back to me…Later she said it on her own with prompting-
Now,when asked to say her bible verse she says it on her own “I John 4:21 Love others and love God” Sometimes it comes out “1 John 4:21 Love God and love others” She says very clearly too. Even the word twenty one is very clear.Isn’t that amazing!

Sometimes if V tries to hit whether she’s thinking it, showing the motion of hitting or actually hitting I still reprimand her for it because it’s not acceptable to hit those you love.She shows me love “Love Momma” by giving me a stroke on the cheek or a 😘 then I will have her say her bible verse(Only one we’ve been doing consistently so far is 1 John 4:21 and it’s a good simple verse to teach love when she does wrong)1 John 4:21 “Love God and love others” and she says it without prompting!



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