Tried making red play dough

Tonight V and I boiled up some cranberries(1/4 cup) to be exact so we could try make red play dough from the MFW Teacher’s Manuel.Due to copyright I am not posting the recipe but let’s just say I did exactly what the recipe called for except I put in 2 tsp of cranberries(juice) instead of 1/2 t of food coloring. We made the cranberry juice instead of food dye just because I try to limit the amount of dyes,artificial colors and so on my LO is around. Much of the chemicals and bad dyes she’s around all the time simply my folks don’t believe that all of that junk has a impact on our health in general. Anyways it didn’t come out well. The result:It came out thick,chunky and almost choppy like without the red color. The cranberry smell was there though so not to bad I guess for a first try.It’s what i love about homeschooling my girl is I get to learn right along with her.We made a rabbit with the rabbit animal cookie cutter from MFW and V even tossed some cranberries into the bowl, helped rinse it and even washed a dish with help tonight! Next time we make play dough we’ll try a different recipe!Anyone with tips or recipes to better the playdough texture?Feel free to share with us!


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