My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2’s and 3s Unit 1-Love and Rabbit

Today was the last day of My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s Unit 1 which focused on love and rabbit. Just a short review on this unit and my thoughts how I think she did with it.

I think for the most part it went really well.She grasped it fairly quick and if we really pushed which we didn’t we could’ve finished in maybe 2 weeks. With most things I let her go at her pace and just guide her. This unit took about 4 weeks.

She’s gotten the heart and circle down though she has known her shapes and animals  for awhile even before starting My Father’s World since it’s also focused on in ABCJesusLovesMe 1 and 2 year.She’s did the 1st year and now doing 2nd as  a supplement to MFW.She got rabbit down as well, the concept of Love and the bible verse “1 John 4:21 Love God and love others” whenever she treats anything with disrespect. I got this idea from the Duggar Family which really encourages their children to learn characteristics.See,this is an area I felt was lacking in my childhood and hopefully I can instill in my daughter by training her early to follow God’s work and lean on Him in the good and bad.

We also use supplements from many homeschool moms that are super helpful. I try to only use the pages to help V understand more where she’s at and not above her capability to frustrate her.I think it helps with her understanding as my goal for all concepts is mastery based. What I’ve learned is mastery is best because when its taught little by little it stays in the memory a lot longer and how I’ve learned this…I went to Kumon Math and Reading when I was  younger and though I did get frustrated I kept doing it over and over till I got it and only then was I able to move on.I recall I was able to do 3-4 digit subtraction in my head without pen and paper.Unfortuantly due to medicine side effects from an epileptic medicine  I previously took,I can no longer do this but the fact I was able to shows that a mastery approach does work!


Not even a month into My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s

Ok,so we’ve finished one unit yet but we’re super close to finishing the very first unit!This is still not a review just an update how well it’s being recieved by V.It’s not even a month since we started the curriculum but wow the results are unbelievable! Why?Well,first I told her the bible verse and had her repeat back to me…Later she said it on her own with prompting-
Now,when asked to say her bible verse she says it on her own “I John 4:21 Love others and love God” Sometimes it comes out “1 John 4:21 Love God and love others” She says very clearly too. Even the word twenty one is very clear.Isn’t that amazing!

Sometimes if V tries to hit whether she’s thinking it, showing the motion of hitting or actually hitting I still reprimand her for it because it’s not acceptable to hit those you love.She shows me love “Love Momma” by giving me a stroke on the cheek or a 😘 then I will have her say her bible verse(Only one we’ve been doing consistently so far is 1 John 4:21 and it’s a good simple verse to teach love when she does wrong)1 John 4:21 “Love God and love others” and she says it without prompting!


A growing library of books

The books that I love are the ones she has the most of
A list of some of the books V has in her HS’ing library currently ranging from Birth-3rd grade reading level:
For a list of more books we have go to our Flickr:
All the homeschooling pictures will be public.
Guided Science Readers ex Robins Grow up
The very hungry caterpillar by Eric Carle
Word Family Tales(Sight words) ex The Day Duck’s Truck Got Stuck
Danny and the dinosaur
My First Steps to Reading ex My ‘a’ book(currently started collecting these for expanded vocabulary)
We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen
Noah and the mighty ark by Rhonda Growler Greene
Sing with me Song Books ex:The Ants Go Marching One by One
Smart Words Reader(Currently started collecting for expanded science vocabulary)
The Eye Book by Dr Seuss
Catepillars are butterflies
National Geographic Kids ex:Hop Bunny
Hello Readers Wild Weather ex Floods
Who’s that pretty baby?
If you give a pig a pancake…(Recently started collecting these If you give a….expanded reading and vocabulary)
Teeny Tiny Animals
Happy Thanksgiving
There was an old lady series(Love it for the rhyming)ex There was an old lady who swallowed a bat
Don’t talk to strangers
The foot book by Dr Seuss
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr Seuss
Peek a flap series ex Peek a flap Moo
Make it match what matches?
Step into reading
QEB Let’s Start Science series(Goes into the 5 senses)
One Fish two fish Red fish Blue fish by Dr Seuss
Shark Journey
Amazing pop up fun series(She loves pop up,touch and feel,tracing books) ex The Very Merry Christmas
Oh Say Can you say by Dr Seuss
She probably has over 100 books already and she’s just 2!

Fingerpaint Playdough

A few days ago,V and I made some fingerprint play dough using the recipe from MFW’s All Aboard The Animal Train for 2s and 3s.It came out pretty good aside from using 2 t of honey and goat milk in place of cow’s milk. V even tasted it and tried fingerprinting with it. She was not a fan of the taste but at least she got to feel the texture of it.Next time,I think we’ll try a different fingerprint recipe and see how it differs.

Tried making red play dough

Tonight V and I boiled up some cranberries(1/4 cup) to be exact so we could try make red play dough from the MFW Teacher’s Manuel.Due to copyright I am not posting the recipe but let’s just say I did exactly what the recipe called for except I put in 2 tsp of cranberries(juice) instead of 1/2 t of food coloring. We made the cranberry juice instead of food dye just because I try to limit the amount of dyes,artificial colors and so on my LO is around. Much of the chemicals and bad dyes she’s around all the time simply my folks don’t believe that all of that junk has a impact on our health in general. Anyways it didn’t come out well. The result:It came out thick,chunky and almost choppy like without the red color. The cranberry smell was there though so not to bad I guess for a first try.It’s what i love about homeschooling my girl is I get to learn right along with her.We made a rabbit with the rabbit animal cookie cutter from MFW and V even tossed some cranberries into the bowl, helped rinse it and even washed a dish with help tonight! Next time we make play dough we’ll try a different recipe!Anyone with tips or recipes to better the playdough texture?Feel free to share with us!