My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2s and 3s arrive today!!

So today V’s My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Trains 2s and 3s has finally arrived today! I have been anxiously waiting for it to arrival the past 10 days!

Let me share why I decided to choose My Father’s World first off…First off,I love literature and have always wanted to encourage that into her as she gets older hopefully she’ll pass it on to her own kids someday.I believe literature can be a great teaching tool but I don’t want it to be all fairy tales either.What I want from teaching literature is morals and characters behind the stories.If a curriculum is literature rich you can bet I will be looking into it for consideration. As a mom I can tell you I am super picky about the books my daughter reads.Everything she reads needs to have a lesson in some way or another.Every book she has is full of lessons.Same with toys. I keep electronic toys to a limit.In her 1st year she had more exposure to electronic toys than she has in her 2nd year.

Another reason I have considered My Father’s World is the Charlotte Mason approach. The Charlotte Mason approach is short lessons, the study of other countries, history in chronological order, literature books, creation of historical timelines and note booking,direct contact with the bible from an early age, and no down talk to a child.

Other reasons include the Classical education approach, unit studies,notebooking, and hands on approach. All of this I hope to include in future curriculum possibilities.I hope to stay away from online teaching as much as possible but at some point i just may need to look into it.

Was browsing through the books and student sheets it was exactly what I was looking for. Seemed that everything is in a unit and there’s 5 days all ready written out for 3 whole weeks. ABCJesusLovesMe is like several things covered in a week and while she grasped it fairly quick in the 1st year the 2nd year she doesn’t seem to be retaining as much but rather it seems to bore her doing moreorless the same thing. One thing I did notice that it is not so much literature based reading recommendations.I think most of it’s really good and I could see us using it as a supplement in the next few years alongside with other curriculums.

In fact, we did about a day’s worth of activities just because she really wanted to and it was very easy to do and keep her attention without frustrating her. Seems so far it’s a very gentle approach to learning which is what it should be for a 2 year old. We’ll do more of a thorough review once we’ve done a few units.


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