My Father’s World All Aboard The Animal Train 2’s and 3’s

I ordered this My Father’s World 2’s and 3’s preschool curriculum for V because while ABCJLM(ABCJesusLovesMe) is a superb curriculum and very affordable too I might add she is somewhat ahead of the curriculum thus she gets bored doing the same things all the time so to switch it up I’m going to intertwine both curriculums and see how she does.I’ll skip some in the curriculums if I feel like she’s kind of mastering the concepts as we go along. My goal for homeschooling is mastery. I feel that if a child is able to master a concept it will retain in the memory longer.

I also like the literature that the company has picked out and the way it’s like a unit study so for an example a unit might be a rabbit and the color red then there’s all these fun and encouraging activities for the student to do.I intended to intertwine both curriculums up till age 4.When it comes to Kindergarten I am not sure what curriculums to intertwine with ABCJesusLovesMe but that’s still a way off.

Look forward to writing a review for the MFW All Aboard the Animal Train 2’s and 3’s Curriculum


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